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2018  In 2018, CAEA continued to rank the top list of 50 manufacturing enterprises in Wenzhou.
2015  In 2015, the company entered the ranks of leading enterprises in Wenzhou
2015  Tax Payment reached top 1 in Industrial Area of Economic and Technological Developmen Zone,Wenzhou of 2015.
2013  Development center of Changjiang was entitled High Tech Enterprise Development Center of Zhejiang Province.
2011  Changjiang was entitled High Tech Enterprise of the Nation.
2010  Changjiang entered into GM Global Supply China of advanced Auto mo five electronic products.
2009  Factory facility in Binhai Industrial Zone, Wenzhou was put into use.
2006  Changjiang entered into GM Global Purchasing Chain.
2005  Nov. Changjiang passed the Quality System Certification of TS 16949.
2004  Changjiang was nominated as a supplier of Shanghai VW.
2004  Wenzhou Changjiang Automobile Elecronic system Co., Ltd. was set up.
2003  Changjiang entered into Audi Global Purchasing Chain.
2000  Oct. Changjiang acquired Quality System Certification of VDA6.1.
1999  Changjiang passed the Quality System Certification of QS 9000/ISO9001.
1998  Wenzhou Changjiang Automobile Elecronic Appliance Co., Ltd. was set up.
1980?  Wenzhou Changjiang Elecronic Device Plant was set up.
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